Sensor Tape

SensorTape is a modular and dense sensor network in a form factor of a tape. SensorTape is composed of interconnected and programmable sensor nodes on a flexible electronics substrate. Each node can sense its orientation with an inertial measurement unit, allowing deformation self-sensing of the whole tape. Also, nodes sense proximity using time-of-flight infrared. We developed network architecture to automatically determine the location of each sensor node, as SensorTape is cut and rejoined.

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This project was done at the Media Lab with help from Cindy Kao, and advised by Joseph Paradiso.


A. Dementyev, H.-L. C. Kao, J. Paradiso, “SensorTape: Modular and Programmable 3D-Aware Dense Sensor Network on a Tape”, In Proc. of UIST 2015 (pdf)

Software/Hardware files – Github